Call Me by Your Name PDF Book Novel [Download 2020]

Call me by your name PDF is a true love based Novel. It was written by an American writer, Andre Aciman. The book should be labeled with LGBTQ+ but it isn’t.

call me by your name pdf book It is the story of an extreme romance between two young men with an age difference of 7 years. The main characters of the novel will be described in the following discussion.

Is Call Me By Your Name PDF Book Novel a true story?

A movie has also been captured in this novel. Having seen the movie, this novel looks like a true story, but it isn’t. It is a fictional story. The characters don’t exist in reality. But the writer shows his skill to fantasize about the romance of two young men.


Elio was a 17 years old Italian boy. His father was a professor by profession. In summer, Elio’s father had to provide the place to his intern for his academic paperwork. Elio didn’t like all these 6 weeks in which a house guest occupied his bedroom.

Again in 1987, Elio had to vacate his bedroom for an upcoming guest house. And he was much worried about it.


So, the new guest for 6 weeks was Oliver, a 24 years old guy, in the bedroom of Elio. After seeing the first time, Elio felt an inner attraction to Oliver. But he didn’t show his feelings to Oliver. On the other hand, Elio discovered his bisexual nature indeed.

Later, Elio told his feelings to Oliver. One day, they started to kiss each other, meanwhile, Elio touched the penis of Oliver. Oliver felt ashamed and push Elio back. After the break up for some days, they decided to meet at midnight.

After that night, they had sex on a regular basis. Having completed the internship, Oliver had to return his home (USA). After that, he got married in the USA.


Is there a sequel for the novel?

The Book sequel of the novel has also come in the market called Find Me. Find Me is also written by the same writer Andre Aciman.


What is the age gap between the two main characters the Book?

Elio was a teenage boy whose age was 17 years in 1987. On the other hand, Oliver was a young man whose age was 24 years at that time. So, the age difference was 7 years between the two. But love is age-blind and that’s why they fell in love with each other.

What type of book is call me by your name?

The novel is about true love between two young men. Yes, it is not about homosexuality, it depicts the real picture of love and romance between two men.


By reading the summary of Call Me By Your Name PDF novel, it seems that it is just about homosexuality. However, it is more than about homosexuality. The novel describes the true love between two young men, one from Italy and the other from the US.

Watching the movie Call me by your name and reading the novel also will be the perfect pleasure for those who love to read love and romantic stories.


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